Scottish Seafood – The best in the World

Scottish Seafood – The best in the world

Scottish seafood is amongst the best in the world, straight from our crystal clear waters. This is part of the reason why Keltic Seafare, established in 1992, has steadily grown to become Scotland’s Number One Live Shellfish Supplier. Fishing boat out for the catch

What makes Scotland’s fresh catch so nutrient-rich?

To start, the combination of the cold North Atlantic waters combined with the warm Gulf Stream make the perfect blend and is just what marine species need to flourish. What is also apparent though, is the local mentality and passion amongst the fishing communities and food providers to supply the best that these lovely waters have to offer. Straight from the sea and infused with this local vitality – from land to sea – the pride and passion show through in the food. Diving for Live Scallops

Scottish Seas

Scotland boasts an amazing 10% of the European coastline; As well as the amazing seafood, these seas are home to a third of the global population of grey seals, the world’s most northerly population of bottlenose dolphins, 23 other species of the world’s 82 whales and dolphins and 43% of all seabirds breeding in the EU. They also provide summer feeding grounds for basking shark, the world’s second largest fish, as well as the endangered leatherback turtle. At about 18,000km long, our coastline would stretch from Scotland to Australia should all of its curves and creases be straightened out. Our inshore and offshore waters combined make up 13% of all European seas and contain a staggering 8,000 species or more. Bottle nose dolphin jumping out of sea

Beneath the waves

Our waters provide some of the finest marine habitats in Europe; Gorgeous rocky reefs covered in soft corals, sea fans and sponges, provides refuge for young fish and shellfish such as lobsters and crabs. Our shallow beds of delicate maerl are favoured by young scallops which seek out living maerl beds as nursery areas.  Sea grass provides shelter among the swaying plant leaves for many different species of fish such as the pipefish which is a relative of the seahorse. Flame shell beds offer an attachment point for scallop spat which falls from plankton and young fish often search for these beds. Horse Mussel beds provide a habitat for commercially important shellfish such as scallops. The spectacular waters and seabeds found in Scottish waters are a special place for marine habitats and wildlife.  

Seafoodies Heaven

All in all the myriad of pure unspoiled flavour found in Scottish shellfish is not only a testament to our fishing industry; but to the perfect habitat our waters provide and the enthusiasm and passion our Scottish chefs put into creating delicate flavours when serving up our delicious seafood. But it’s not just Scottish chefs that appreciate our divine seafood, countries like France, Spain and Portugal are also reaping the tastes. Like no other foodie experience on earth, the divine texture and overall essence of hand-dived scallops from any of the Scottish waters are second to none! Scallops served with cauliflower and sorrel

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