Fresh Fish delivery UK – A sustainable, greener option

Finding a sustainable, greener option for our fresh fish delivery requirements!

When we looked at our current fresh fish delivery requirements in the UK, we realised there may be ways to improve our sea to customer costs. After all any savings we can make that do not impact upon the quality of our catch can only be good. Right? We are also constantly trying to improve the sustainability of our operations and be “Greener” where we can. When we looked at our transportation costs in the Central London area, we felt that we needed a better solution.

Fish seafood ready for delivery

High cost delivery!

Central London is now an Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ). This means the most-polluting vehicles have to pay a daily charge to enter the city, on top of the congestion charge.

We felt that the high cost of entering the congestion zone was too high. This coupled with our transportation costs meant that we were not giving our customers the best value for money. So we decided to look at other options for getting from sea to customer without impacting the speed and quality of delivery. That was when we came up with the idea of using a courier company in Central London called Gnewt.

Central London congestion zone charging

A greener solution

This was also an opportunity for Keltic Seafare to be a “Greener” supplier as Gnewt is a carrier that only uses Electric vehicles. They offer a “Supercharged” final mile “green” delivery service for forward thinking organisations.  Moving supplies between places in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Gnewt were winners of the 2018 sustainable logistics company of the year – UK, so they know their stuff! We felt our catch would be safe in their hands.

Greener delivery with electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Using Electric Vehicles (EV) to deliver in Central London essentially helps the environment as they give off less carbon emissions. When combined with a custom designed charging infrastructure which uses pre-purchased green energy from sustainable sources this means we are tackling carbon emissions and the added congestion zone charges.

Reduced carbon emissions image

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