Healthy eating – don’t disregard those New Years resolutions without reading this!

Healthy eating – don’t disregard those New Years resolutions without reading this!

January is often a month of new beginnings, a resolution of healthy eating and a chance to put the past behind us. For many losing weight can be top of the agenda!


Sadly by the third week of the year, the great resolve felt on 1st January has often dwindled and bad habits start to creep back in… All is not lost however! It’s possible to eat healthier without compromising on taste, luxury or satisfaction….

Seafood is one of the most delicious but healthy options you can choose. So what makes seafood ideal for those that want to improve their diet?


Seafood contains a high-quality protein that includes all of the essential amino acids for human health, making it a complete protein source. A 3 ounce cooked serving of most fish or shellfish provides about one-third of the average daily recommended amount of protein.

Source of proteinProtein helps you to feel fuller with less food. This is because protein reduces the level of a hunger hormone called “ghrelin” and boosts levels of peptide YY, a hormone that makes you feel full. 

These effects on the appetite are extremely powerful. Studies have shown that increasing the amount of protein in your diet can help to reduce your overall calorie intake each day.

Also, eating adequate amounts of protein can help your body to maintain muscle mass and promote muscle growth when participating in strength based training.

A high protein intake can significantly boost the metabolism which increases the amount of calories your body burns. This can be as much as 80–100 more calories burnt each day, just by upping your protein intake.

If you need to lose weight consider replacing some of your carbs and fats with protein. It can be as simple as adding a few extra bites of your favourite seafood.

Low Fat

Seafood including scallops, Langoustine and lobster contain less than 2 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving. In addition to helping with weight loss, following a low-fat diet can also help you to ward off serious medical conditions including heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. Although the body does require some fat to function correctly.

Seafood served in a healthy way


Seafood in its natural state is a low calorie option when it comes to food choice. Of course the way you cook it can affect the overall calorie content. Choose steaming, baking or poaching over frying to keep the calorie count lowest and keep your seafood full of the nutrients which can help you to stay healthy and lose weight.

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